If you have been looking for a more casual (and actually fun way) to reach your audience then I have great news for you: The new Thread app is here. It’s similar to Twitter (like really similar) in that it’s a microblogging platform that lets users share short messages with their followers. But this app has some unique features that make it particularly well-suited for brands. In this article, we’ll talk about how Thread works and how brands can use this platform to engage with their followers—and get more users into their communities as well!

#1 First, What Is Thread?

The Thread app is a text-based app that allows users to participate in a conversation with other users. The app has all of the features one would expect of a Twitter clone, but aims to foster real-time engagement and organic growth. It was made by a team of former Twitter engineers (who are now employed for Meta – yikes) who wanted to create a more engaging social network.

With its new mobile app, Instagram is now able to expand beyond its current borders and into the realm of conversations. Instagram’s new thread feature will allow people to comment on photos in real time, similar to how the Twitter clone functions.

This is great news for brands that have been struggling with their social media presence. With this update, you’ll be able to engage with your customers and prospects better than ever before – by literally just talking to them!

#2 It’s Very Easy To Use

To start, there are a bunch of things to enjoy about the app:

  • You can create an account by quickly importing info from your Instagram profile (profile photo, bio, followers, etc.)
  • It has all the main functions of Twitter (reposts, quotes, replies, etc.)
  • There are no DMs, as of yet, so the fun is all on the main feed.
  • It is text-based so voice matters! No one wants to be sold anything – it’s supposed to be easy to be yourself.

#3 Text-Based Is Coming Back

In today’s world, text-based apps are becoming more popular than traditional social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Since these apps tend to focus on organic engagement with little marketing effort required from brands, they can offer brands a great opportunity for organic growth as well as building their audience base.

The thread app is an example of a text-based app that allows users to share stories and images in real-time or over time; it’s similar to Twitter but has fewer restrictions on content and length (updates can be up to 1,000 characters).

Because of its focus on short written content rather than visual posts or videos (as in Instagram), users are likely going to spend more time reading what others have posted–and this increases the likelihood that they’ll engage with these posts too!

#4 Do we use @ names in this foreign land?

The New Thread App allows users to @names within messages which makes it easier for other users to find them and engage; but this also means that businesses need to be careful about what they post so as not to alienate potential customers through inappropriate content or irrelevant content marketing campaigns.

#5 The New Thread App Could Help You Build Your Audience – But Play It Cool Bro

The New Thread App is a great way to build your audience, but don’t over-do it. The app allows users to engage in conversations with other users, which allows brands to build relationships with their customers and potential customers. So this is great time to hone in on your brand’s voice, personality, and natural demeanor.

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